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Great game

I love the quests and everything. However, I have 2 complaints about the game. 1. The lack of an overworld and 2. The fact that you can't explore the towns. You just click where you want to go and your there. The same is true for the overworld. I like walking in the overworld and running into enemies. Also the fact you can't explore those places means no secrets can be hidden.


I'm in the dark curse and I can't find an exit to get into the next village to find Dean.I looked everywhere and I somehow defeat the dark crocodile and find nothing!I'm stuck,please anybody help


My first RPG on the iPod Touch, and it was an enjoyable step into the genre.

Another generic RPG, sticks and carrots folks.

The only thing this game got worth completing it, is to complete it. Another churned, bland RPG set up from KEMCO. Less then stellar written story-script that a kid in grade school could've mustered up. Confused boy, deceptive world, a bunny? insert evil bad character here? Confused boy is lineage to ancient hero, resolve! Now to attack the game play: The endless hoarding of precious materials to be disappointed of outcome for its product. I don't know how these type of systems could possibly fail, but RpgFc manages to break the scheme. The controls isn't so bad. Either a D-pad w/ a cancel-action button that sometimes gets mixed up annoyingly with the touch screen controls. (Collecting material, touch screen, run away from material.) Expect for a total finish, thats after you beat the game and tackle the last boss. Roughly 25+hours. Last boss should be relabled as "Most cheapening end game boss to date." Granted the scripts for some fights are completely random, this end boss could wipe you out in the first round due to its sheer awesomeness. Had to level to 99. Which is hair-ripping insanity due to the ultra cheap-shot monsters in the very last dungeon. (Oh be excited for this title!)

It's ok...

Ok game mechanics, lots of clicking involved. Story line is mediocre and the dialogue can't be closed. The ending takes 20 to 30 mins and half of that is dialogue that can't be sped up. Farm fest for end game weaponry and armor. The ending was a let down. FF is a better choice.

Five stars...

For an excellently crafted RPG. It has a suspenseful storyline that keeps your thumbs glued to the screen. The crafting mechanics of the game are genuine, and there's no IAP for materials! The battles are swift, intense, and the collaborative techniques are very powerful! I love this game, an highly recommend it to any FF fans (FF-FF9)!


Epic game it is fun and I play many hours with this game. I hope it gets multiplayer or something to raise its epicness 😃


Very good game. I wish there were more like it.

Like a mix between the old Pokemon games and a final fantasy, just way better

I got this game like 2 or 3 days ago and I already have like 12 hours of gameplay, kinda sad seeing as I usually don't play many games but its really addicting, mainly due to the fact I love games where you level up and can upgrade weapons and armor. Bottom line is I'm 18 now and I owned the very first iPhone and this is the best game I've ever played, and trust me, the whole not gaming alot thing is fairly new haha

The best

Dont know how this game could even be rated less than 5 stars by anyone. If you like the idea of final fantasy including the fal cie and stuff in the newer versions you will absolutely love this :) than again im an old school gamer


I've been waiting for thos game to appear in us app, so happy :D :D :D


I love this game!!!!!!! It brings me back to the good ol days of gaming like the nes and snes and gameboy!!! Very well put together awesome story line! All in the convenience of my pocket :D

Where is Dan!?!?!?

I cant find Dan after he asks for a map to my town. Anyone know where the hell he went?

Great RPG and fantastic Storyline! Buy it quick!

After purchasing and playing Kotobuki's latest game Symphony of Eternity I just had to get more. SoE was fantastic and led me here to another one of Kotobuki's games! I must say after countless hours put into this game and still having a ways to go to beating it I am once again astounded by their games. The story is much more developed then I had thought and leaves you wanting for more! The combat is quite simple and easy to understand even for those who are new to the RPG genre! The controls are pretty easy to grasp, sometimes the touch to move gets a bit clunky but really you hardly notice it all and after playing for so long you just don't notice anymore! This is simply a MUST BUY while it's on sale. I for one have become a huge fan of the developer's games and cannot wait for more! Well off I play some more Fantasy Chronicles later!

Awesome Game

Great game, but could someone please tell me how to disarm my long sword and equip my boomerang ?

More than $.99!

Bought this when it was on sale for $.99 definitely worth more and BETTER than final fantasy! Just about to beat final boss -rating- Gameplay: 5/5 - gameplay is very easy typical rpg FF style; lvl up, gather materials to upgrade weps/armour, complete main quests N side quests from guilds to gain materials/cash/training book. You also have a helper to gather mats while u r away exploring (6 max) and beasts as a "summoning" companion that will turn the tide of ur battles! Story: 4/5 - dont want to spoil so here a simple quick review: beginning i thought it was boring typical young weak hero have a secret pass ready to do great things but after a while it gets alot better!! Music 5/5 - fun catchy tunes and even annoy my bro! 8D Controls and glitches/bugs - 5/5 - for the first time in a while a flawless game with no bugs or glitche. YES ITS PERFECT compare to final fantasy ipod/phone series! Beat second final boss at lvl60-65. About to beat final boss currently lvl80. Awsome gameplay, awsome storyline, awsome musics and controls! Advice train and definetly complete lots of guild quests to get training book (a must) to upgrade weps/armour (rely heavily on equipment


All though lacking in graphics it certainly makes up for it with an intriguing storyline, ingenious quest system and easily controllable but thoroughly enjoyable battles.

Love the game!...but

One of the best mobile rpg's I've found. I play it on my ipod touch, I just wish that I could play my own music while playing the game. It turns off my music when I switch to the app, and not that I despise the game music, but it just repeats ad nauseum. Love the crafting system, love the companion/guardian system, love the mission system, and it's a good balance of grind and progress. Definitely something to look into if you like classic feeling rpg's.

Update this!

Glitchy. The in-battle tools button doesn't work, and when I move using the pad or click my character ALWAYS, moves to the left of the screen. =.=

Best dollar ever spent

This game is amazing. It has kept me entertained for about 20 hours now. It's challenging, fun, and long. Story is awesome and keeps you hooked. Lots of twists which keep you on your toes. Love the game. Going to be buying more RPGs from kemco!


This game has way to many long conversations with the people!!

RPG Apps are my favorite

I'm really in to the final fantasy series, and this brings me back to the older I+II Dawn of souls. Man they were fun

Bad gameplay

So many additional things are added to movement that over complicate things just a having to use a watercolor map of a village and labels just to move around. Didn't even make it to a single fight before I knew I wast willing to continue with that. It needs a complete reworking of the world so it feels like a world and not a 5th graders rpg. The story did seem to have potential so if you can overlook the odd parts of the game it should be enjoyable. But for me. It can't be.

Game deleted

I accidentally hit new game and my game Id been playing on for 3 hours gets deleted, but besides that this game lacks simple features that it needs such as ways to skip through text, combat or to close chats

Read this

Btw the people who r complaining need to hear this! They probly can't just get a single thing done but I am in game mode when I play this game I lov it! Oh and people just keep playing u will under stand how amizing it is after a couple hours of fun!


This is actually a great 2d rpg, I wasn't expecting much but 10 hours later I'm enthralled lol, deff worth the buy

Good with flaws

Fantastic game and sound track. But, I cant seem to find corona after our second forest encounter. Dan hinted at her being in the square, but she can't be found.

Great but a problem??

The game is good so far but im having a problem "reporting" my very first job to be finished. I killed the 5 dudes but it just keeps saying "mission not achieved" even though their is a check mark beside the mission...So not being able to finish stops me from playing any more. Any help/advice for me on this? Thanks

Great game

This is a really well made game. The storyline is amazing. My only complaint is the ending.

Awesome JRPG

I'm old school and so far I'm loving this little gem . The story line is keeping me riveted and of course being old school I love exploring, grinding , and figuring stuff out on my own . Man no way half you guys could make it through something like fantasy star or kings quest without a guide or walk through . To me that's half the fun of these types of games . Thanks Kemco! Hey dragonboy, in order to use items in battle you have to take them out of the tool box . First click on the tools icon , then you will see 3 more icons - tap the treasure chest one and you will see usable items . Now hit back and with the treasure chest icon still highlighted select one of your characters - you will see the ' take out ' option click it then the item and it will be available for battle with that character . It's very confusing the way they chose to implement giving usable items to your character . Hope this helps , it's a great game but you definitely need to use items ( especially fruit of resurrection ) in combat as the monsters and bosses get pretty tough. Ex Rumia is right :) Lord poo rules ! lol


game is boring. there are many other games thats more fun. battle system is boring and story is soso as well. dont waste your dollar.

Awesome game

I have played various types of games and this is a pretty cool one. For a dollar it really gives you a lot of game time.

Awesome game!!!

Such a fun game with a classic rpg style. Great deal for a dollar.

Great game

The only reason this is 4 stars is I can't use my items in battle. Oh one more thing you don't have victory music, you have a happy little sound. All great RPGs have victory music final fantasy, Pokemon, etc.


Old school RPG. I love alchemist-style RPG so this is awesome.

Rpg is good, if not better than most console RPG's out there!

Wow am I glad I spent the .99¢ for this game!! Already 18h of gameplay in, and still have probably at least another 18h to go! The music is simply flawless! I can't remember enjoying tracks like this since Crono Trigger was released in the 90's! The battle system is solid! You play three main characters, along with three guardians, which can be switched among the heroes to change which hero uses, let's say, a defensive guardian instead of a physical guardian. The battles seem a bit on the easy side. That being said, the real fights are when you challenge a boss in each region. Very well balanced battle system altogether! Only gripe I have is that the cooperation attacks seem hard to "lvl up" and compatibility with heroes and guardians to use skills more frequently and efficiently do not seem to get any better when you lvl up with that guardian used. We will see if it gets better as I continue playing... All in all, a very solid RPG!

Simply Amazing.

So I bought this yesterday. It's got 11 hours in. The game play is fun. Sometimes tedious when your grinding, farming, etc. The story is entertaining. So yeah. Get this mess while it's still cheap. You won't regret it ever if your any kind of RPG fan.

Not worth it

Annoying to figure out where the next mission comes from. Battles are not fun and I always used auto.


Thanks for bringing out another title. After Symphony, I was bored for a bit so i look forward to getting hooked on this one! Keep making more!!

Classic jrpg

Having played 2 hrs...Love the beginning of the unfolding story and simple, unique conversations that bring out each character's personality like the bunny..the kind u don't see often in iOS rpg games. Random battle gameplay is pretty simple and customizing weapons is simple as well. My complaint is using touchpad to get around is a little too sensitive and could use more work but it worked very nicely during the battles. Athat's it.

Blah blah blah...

Lots of pointless and silly chat. Runs on and on and on... Get to the point already. Not one of Kemco's better games. Maps are slapped together too. Going anywhere is an icon clicking session. Wasn't a lot of care involved in making this quick buck maker.

Fun, surprisingly complex classic RPG

I grew up playing all the classic SNES games, and I have to say Fantasy Chronicle was a great blast from the past, which gave me a lot of challenging surprises (the post-game final boss was shockingly difficult and required me to spend several hours upgrading my equipment and leveling up). The localization is pretty spotty, but the characterization and graphic style were enough to be highly entertaining. This was a totally worthwhile purchase that I recommend for a fun 20+ hours of classic RPG fun. Oh, and the equipment upgrading system was deep and addictive. Did I mention that I thoroughly enjoyed this game?

The "Tool" command works

You have to equip the items in order to use them in combat. In the "Tool" option in the menu, if you select the character you want to equip an item on it brings up another menu where an option to equip items is available. It took awhile to figure out since it wasn't clearly explained in the " Help" menu. Other than the confusing menu system, this a great RPG that should satisfy most fans of the genre looking for a solid turn based JRPG for iOS.

Great JRPG Title

I enjoyed playing through Fantasy Chronicles, the story wasn't bad, had some decent characters and graphics, and although basic it held my attention for at least 20+ hours of play (including building a lot of the more challenging item builds). To really get the most out of the game you have to master the item assembly system, since for the post game simple grinding won't win you many battles, strategy, party selection, equipment on your guardian beasts, tactics and various item builds are what matter. What could have made the game really great is an equally long post game.. although I haven't beaten all of the post-end game final bosses, I assume once you beat them that's it. Instead a different reality with different monsters, a higher level cap and a hard difficulty, with added story here and there would give it a lot of replay value and pushed it to the 50+ hours of play. Most of the pre-end game is easy-normal level of difficulty for a standard RPG, but still enjoyable and about what you would expect. Your characters do still die, you run out of money/supplies to build items, not like some of the RPG's on the app store here where you can just auto-attack through the entire game and skip the dialogue. There are a few nice features, for example if you die to a boss, it allows you to retry the battle. You can also save anywhere in a dungeon. This is helpful for collecting the rare ingredients that certain bosses only drop a low % of the time. Finally the guardian beast combination, equipment, etc. adds another level of battle strategy to the game. Overall definitely worth the price to JRPG fans, and better than a lot of the more popular titles on the app store, and I look forward to more like this from Kotobuki Solutions!


It's one of THE best RPGs I've played on the iPod. I wish I could give it 5 stars but the tool option for the battle screen does not work. Please update to fix it please.

Beautiful Game

Enemy animations are extremely fluid, and the game poses an actual challenge! I love it!

Wish it was easy

I'm at level 50 on all my characters and am still getting my butt kicked perhaps it's cuz I'm more of a story driven player than a hack and slash nice story line though stuck at church right now guess I better level up more :(

Different from the rest

I like the upgrading of weapons and armor. Also there's a little more animation in the battle sequences. Not as good as the rest of the series, but it isn't bad! Keep up the good work!


It's a great game, and would give it 5 stars except for the fact that the tools option in the battle menu is not working for me. If they fix that then I'd give if 5 stars.

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